Guided tour “Discovering the puy de Dôme“
Guided tour "Discovering the puy de Dôme" - © Guided tour "Discovering the puy de Dôme" - © Olivier.Lamoine/CD63
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Guided tour "Discovering the puy de Dôme"

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Come discover the history of science at the top of the Puy de Dome. Archeology, geology and weather, this site is a place of perpetual experimentation !.

The puy de Dome is a mountain that has always fascinated man and inspired him to become the symbol of an entire department. It's also the highest volcano of the Chaîne des Puys which we are just beginning to unlock the secrets.

This visit will make you discover all the fascinating facets that make puy de Dome an exceptional site: volcanology, science, challenges and exploits that have enamelled the history of the site, its human occupation since antiquity ...

• For everyone, free, no reservation

• Length: 30min

• Meeting at the top of the puy de Dôme at the Espace temple de Mercure ("Temple de Mercure")

• Provide hiking equipment adapted to the mountain climate (walking shoes, warm clothes, hats, sunscreen ...)

Openings: from July the 8th to August the 26th, every Wednesday at 3pm

Öffnungszeiträume und Öffnungszeiten

  • Vom Mittwoch 15 Juli 2020 bis Mittwoch 26 August 2020 bis 15:00

Ausrüstung und Dienstleistungen

Prévoir un équipement adapté au climat de montagne (vêtement chaud, chaussures de marche...)