A gourmet and generous land

Sweets of Auvergne

Clermont is not only home to the tire, but also to a delicious delicacy: candied fruit.

How to resist the temptation?

Holidaymakers have been enjoying candied fruit during long journeys since the 19th century. These delicacies are made with fruit cooked in water with beet sugar from the Bourdon sugar refinery, created in 1837 by the Duke of Morny, Napoleon III’s half-brother.

Candied fruit paste was invented in the 10th century and is mentioned in texts beginning in the 15th century. It was made in and around Clermont, under the name “Pâtes d’Auvergne”. In accordance with the recipe filed in 1947 by the Association of Confectioners, Jam makers and Canners of Fruit of Auvergne, the candied fruit of the region’s confectioners must contain at least 67% fruit pulp.